Old Testament Survey Class in Las Vegas Bible School

Old Testament Survey - Course Information

Spring Track 1 Session

Course Text: Survey of the Old Testament revised by Paul Benware

I. Instructor Information: Robyn Rojo email: mrojo76@yahoo.com

II. Course Description:

This course is intended to give you a broad overview of the Old Testament, noting the overarching themes as well as a general overview of each book in the Old Testament.

III. Statement of Goals and Objectives:

The goals of this class are to assist the student in understanding the overarching themes of the Old Testament, understanding the chronological placement of each book and developing the ability to recall the main idea of each book of the Old Testament.

IV. Student Responsibility:

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory.
Reading: Regular reading will be assigned from the book. Students should do reading before class and come prepared to discuss the material

V. Grading:

Students will be graded in three areas: Tests, Readings, Attendance. A final grade of either PASS or FAIL will be assigned at the end of the course.

Grade breakdown will be as follows:
Tests: 50% of your grade
Readings: 35% of your grade
Attendance: 15% of your grade

(Overall a 51% average at the end of the Track or a D- or higher is considered passing)

VI. Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction to the course. Theme of the Old Testament

Week 2: Foundational Books overview/ by book

Week 3: Complementation Books overview/ by book

Week 4: Books of Poetry/Wisdom overview/ by book

Week 5: Prophets Overview/ by book: Prophets Group 1 (Prophecies during the divided Kingdom) & Group 2 (Prophecies during the Single Kingdom)

Week 6: Prophets Group 3 (Prophecies during the Exile) & Group 4 (Prophecies after the Exile) – Test