School of Ministry Las Vegas (SMLV):
Has two main goals each equally important. The first is to provide the opportunity for students to become biblically and theologically knowledgeable.

The second main goal is to provide the opportunity for students to become practically skilled thus enabled to represent Jesus Christ in a wise, winsome, yet insightful manner. That is, in every aspect of a student's life, e.g., with family and friends, with coworkers, and whenever the significant questions about human existence, religion, life, and the afterlife may be discussed.

The intent of each of the above goals is to assist the believer in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, and the very best ambassador for Him they can become regardless of their gift mix and place in God's body of believers.

Paul states in 2 Corinthians 5:20 that we are "ambassadors" of Christ. A spiritually mature ambassador of Christ exhibits three important qualities: 1.) Possesses accurate knowledge of the Triune God of Christianity; 2.) Has wisdom in artfully applying one's knowledge; and 3.) Has Christ-like character. SMLV is intended to help one acquire and properly practice these qualities.

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